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Friday, December 02, 2005

It’s been some time since we went on an on-line vacation. Today, I’ve decided that Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the place to go.

Hidden far into the Middle East, neighboring such countries as Saudi Arabia and Oman there lies a young and prosperous country called the United Arab Emirates. It was all desert 40 years ago, but someone discovered oil there. A lot of oil. Now, the country has more money than it knows what to do with. Dubai is a city in the UAE and it's being made into a very, very, VERY amazing place. The tallest hotel in the world, the tallest building in the world, the largest mall in the world... all in one city! All are scheduled to be reality in the next few years.
So let’s start and remember to wander around and enjoy your vacation.

Hey! Let’s start by skiing Dubai! According to BBC World, it’s the largest indoor ski slope and it’s connected to a mall. They provide everything you need to ski with including a ski coat. I only costs $35 to enjoy the slopes. (Volume warning! Turn down your volume before clicking on the link, on my computer it’s pretty loud.)

Before going to ski, make sure to reserve a spot for the breakfast buffet with Santa.

It gets hot in Dubai , so be sure to make time to go to the Wild Wadiwater park. Heck of a waterslide.

Afterwards we can head over to Mall of the Emirates and meet up with a couple of guys that we don’t know. Here’s a pretty picture you can buy. You can get it in malls anywhere but with this you can say you bought it in Dubai.

If money is no object then you can stay at the Burj al Arab Hotel in the Royal Suite. Since you are traveling via the internet you can afford to visit all you like.

You can get a room during the middle of March for approx. $1,89.20

Or maybe you’d rather stay in this suite, which has many more sqare feet then my house, for approx. $1906.11
Room Type: KG BED-225-315SQM-SEAVIEW-DINING FOR 4-JACUZZI DVD-PLASMA TV-LAPTOP-LIVING AREA-WORK DESK (This room is more that twice the size of my house, it's over 2,400 sq ft. The smaller suite is bigger than anywhere I've ever lived.)

If you get into trouble here’s the US Embassy in the UAE but somehow I don’t think you’ll need any government help during your armchair travel abroad.

Well, lunch is done so no more travelling, I have to go back to work. More travelling another day.
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