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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"The rejection of ballot measures in three states that would have rolled back taxes or limited spending may indicate a cooling of American voters' ardor for tax cuts."
Taxpayers love their tax cuts. Maybe the difference here is that politicians are trying to cut programs that the voters think should be paid for with their tax money. Head Start. I’ll help pay for that. Social Security. I’ll put in my share. Clean air and water. No problem, I’ll pony up my portion. There are lots of things that taxpayers will be happy to pay for.

Washington voters succumbed to warnings that roads and bridges were crumbling and that the gas tax was needed to avert disaster.
. . .

. . . for the past several years voters had been willing to increase taxes or approve bond issues when they were designated for tangible improvements.

On Tuesday, voters in Maine, New York and Ohio approved bond issues totaling nearly $5 billion to pay for transportation projects, water systems, college buildings and research programs.
If I had my choice I’d stop paying for corporate welfare and that high-tech bridge in Alaska among other things.

Why can’t lawmakers just shift the wasted money to projects that taxpayers approve of?
God told you to read this:

On First Looking Into Fitzgerald's Indictment

A Pre-Emptive Poem
From A Keats Ghost To Gothamimage:

Much have I witnessed the Scandal of Bush
And many awful lies and outrages seen;
Round many breaches have I been
Which bards in fealty to Republic hold.
Oft of one great Injury had I been told
That worried the Founders in repose;
Yet did I never see it so clear
Till I heard Fitzgerald speak out loud and bold:
Then I felt like some Justice on High
When a pure Truth comes into his view:
Or like Honest Abe when with wise eyes
He saved the Union - and all his men
Look'd at each other with great relief -
Silent, upon a stillness at Appomattox.
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