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Monday, November 07, 2005

Drunk Death Row Escapee Captured in La.

”You know who I am,” Thompson told officers when asked his name. Asked again, he identified himself as Charles Thompson, Martin said. Police said Thompson was too drunk to be interrogated Sunday night.

Cleaves Acquitted of Rape Charges

Prosecutors claimed Neal, 21, and Cleaves, 23, raped the visiting University of New Haven player, who was finishing a one-week stint as a La Salle basketball camp counselor, as she vomited in a sink after drinking eight shots of high-proof alcohol.

Here we have a drunk who had already been found guilty of murdering two people and even though he’s drunk, he’s quick enough to say “You know who I am.” The police can’t interrogate him; he’s under the influence. Next we have a 19 year-old student, vomiting into a sink after multiple drinks and the guys who had sex with her claim that she wanted to have sex with them, while she was vomiting. SAY WHAT??

The worst part of this is that a majority of the jury went along with the consensual sex claim.

Now really, think about it. The last time you were puking up your guts, did it make you want to have sex? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some kind of puking fetish out there but I’d lay odds against it being widely practiced.

All I can figure is that the majority of the jury decided to blame the victim. You know how stupid people can be, she was dumb enough to drink with strangers so she must have been asking for it. This just doesn’t make sense.

I have a co-worker who was on the jury and didn’t go with the majority. I really don’t want to bring up my coworker’s gender since so many people decide that gender is the deciding factor on how people will view this kind of case. My co-worker said this case “put women’s safety back 50 years. It’ll make more girls afraid to standup for themselves.”

All I know is that there is something really wrong when a drunken convicted double murderer gets more consideration than a drunken innocent student

I don’t like Philadelphia quite as much as I used to. Oh, and the La Salle Brothers need to teach more ethics.
Based on what's here, the guys should be in jail; but the girl WAS stupid. The world has never been safe for women. If they reject protection of safe men, then there's not much else that can be done.
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